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According to contemporary psychologists, it is believed there are 5 main characteristics that make up an individual personality - extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness and neuroticism.

At times in a world moving so fast and with so much going on, it may be easy to miss a bit, to desensitize yourself from the amazing offerings of the world. Travel is one method to allow for room to grow in the openness category of your personality type.  Traveling to an unknown territory offers a multitude of opportunities to expose yourself to a new approach, new ways of living and new engagements.

Silent Party Craze!

The first rule of building heart-to-heart connections is that even though it takes two people to create a relationship, the responsibility for connecting starts with you. The second rule is that everything depends on your level of awareness, says Samie Al-Achrafi from Huffington Post.

It only makes sense, in the event you meet and greet with someone of a different background, you will become more aware, and more open, right?

With that being said, my travels to a new country is just about a month away and my openness is growing anticipating the unknown. What you don’t know can cause fear, but what you don’t know can cause excitement too!


I’m adding components to my excitement plate and looking forward to 5 big destinations to visit and revel in. Don’t forget all the nom nom food I will be nimbling on for 2 weeks too! Those photos are coming after.

Here goes:


1. View from The Shard (London)


2. Plaza Mayor (Madrid)


3. Siena Cathedral (Siena)


4. Trevi Fountain (Rome)


4. Amalfi Coast (Amalfi SA)

These are just my main top 5 destinations calling me, but the wine and food are definitely calling me too. Making more memorable moments and connecting and creating more openness in my personality type - what a win, win situation. 

More photos to come after the trip!


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